Junior Coaching Structure

Tynedale Harriers & Athletic Club provides coaching across the range of run, jump and throwing events. Based at Wentworth Leisure Centre, Hexham.


Athlete Development Pathway


Mini Athletics (8-11 yrs old)

The club does not cater for this age group yet


Junior Multi Event Group (11 to 14 yrs old)

For all aspiring athletes from the age of 11 years to to approx. 13 years of age.

Young athletes gain from the multi event approach to coaching athletics at an early age (before specialising at 13-14)

There are 2 groups (Tuesday or Thursday) from 6pm.


Event Specific Coaching (13-14 plus)

Depending on the experience and age of the athlete, the club will identify a suitable event specific coach to meet the needs of the athlete from the age of 13 or 14 years of age.


Event Specific Lead Coaches

Speed: Doug Maxwell

Hurdles:  Kirk Barclay

Endurance:  Peter Venus

Throws & HJ:  Colin Burns

LJ/TJ:  Chris Smith

PV & Combined Events: Richard Hunter