Ultra Success for Tynedale Ladies

Yorkshire  Ultramarathon 2012

Yorkshire mud is different to Northumberland mud. It’s paler, stickier, noisier and it doesn’t let go! Rachel Chinnery and Bev Redfern both came to this conclusion when they completed the Yorkshire Ultramarathon on January 28th. The race is also known as the Frostbite 50 (or Mudbath 50 whichever you prefer) and is one in a series of six ultras all over the UK organised by AdventureHub.

The race begins and ends in Whitby and follows the Cleveland Way down past Robin Hoods Bay and on to Ravenscar before turning inland onto the North York Moors in a loop which brings you back to Ravenscar once more and the cliff top path north to Whitby again with about 2500m of climb overall.

Sounds simple, except with temperatures  well above freezing the mud was at its softest on the moors and there was an awful lot of it! Consequently runners were able to run freely for about twenty miles and spent the remaining thirty desperately trying to move forwards at a decent pace and remain upright. Bev was almost completely covered in the stuff by the end after executing three spectacular falls which kept Rachel laughing for hours. You had to laugh or you would cry; it was so frustrating.

Once again the women came up trumps and managed first and second lady; Rachel came in at 10 hours 52 and Bev at 11 hours 7 minutes in 18th and 20th place. The pair ran together for the first 37 miles and both agreed it was nice to have some company for the majority of the race.  On finishing Rachel felt as if she could have managed another 10 miles or so due mainly to the fact that she never stopped eating during the race, unlike her experience during the Hardmoors 30 earlier in the month where she didn’t bother. A lesson learned!

If  you  like your races long with a bit of coast and a bit of fell and potentially a lot of mud depending on the temperature, then this is the race for you. It’s well organised, with cracking coastal views and rolling countryside and makes for a lovely way to spend the day. And some of the night!


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