UTMB Success for Steph

For those who are interested in my UTMB experience, I have written a short report…UTMB 2014 by Steph Scott PDF
For those of you who don’t sleep at night, this might help to pass the hours ……
Alternatively, for those of you who don’t sleep at night, this might be the race for you !!

I haven’t done a list of ‘Thank Yous’ because the people who helped me complete this race, hopefully know who they are and don’t need a public ‘pat on the back’. I am lucky to have the support of some great friends and the things that you said to me helped me get round that mountain. You know that I couldn’t have done it without your belief in me.>Since the race, people have asked me –

  1. “Did you think of giving up in the race?” The short answer is “No!” It never occurred to me that you could give up. I didn’t even think of thinking of giving up!
  2. “Was it harder than the Bob Graham Round?” I suppose the answer to this is that they are very different. I suppose in some respects the UTMB is harder because you have to do a BGR ‘and some’ to gain enough points to qualify for it.For me, at the time of each event, I knew what was expected of me and I knew what to expect from the challenge, so both were the same. They were “as expected”!
  3. Did you enjoy it?” Not sure really! I just got on with it. “Would you do it again?” No. I don’t feel any need to do it again. I’ve done it ! There’s loads of other races to do.If anyone wants to know anymore about the UTMB or it’s family of races, please ask.



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