Rescue at Steelrigg

Tuesday’s group3 run was organised by Ian and was to start from Steelrigg car park on Hadrian’s Wall. The usual suspects started gathering at around 1/4 to six in the fog and cold waiting for everyone to arrive. While we were waiting an ambulance turned up, and on enquiring what was up, it appeared that a tourist had fallen and broken her ankle on the way from the carpark to the wall. Doug, ever the responsible one, press ganged six of us as stretcher bearers, the remaining others were sent off to run on without us.

The casualty, by this time high on “gas & air” was duly bundled onto a stretcher and carried the 500m or so to the waiting ambulance, with much banter and Geordie good humor along the way.

Fifteen minutes later than planned the six set off to meet the “others”. A good, if somewhat unexpected one, deed having been done.


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