Kielder Marathon 2012

Salomon Kielder Marathon

The Salomon Kielder Marathon is billed as Britain’s most beautiful and on Sunday October 7 with perfect weather conditions, this almost entirely off-road course around Kielder Water certainly lived up to its name.

Four Tynedale Harriers participated in the event. There may have been more but the website does not allow you to categorise by club so apologies if this is the case. This is not an easy course with some road runners describing it as brutal with all the ups and downs along the way but Hugh Bingham ran magnificently to finish in 3:12:06 (26th place, 10th V40). Next in was Dudley Roberts who got in under 3:30 in a time of 3:29:12(79th place). Ten minutes later Rachel Chinnery emerged feeling strong having just picked off four of the ladies who raced past her at mile 14. With only two long runs prep for this race she was pleased with a time of 3:40:57 (10th lady, 5th V40). Andrew Turnbull  finished shortly afterwards in a time of 3:50:51

It was lovely to see Steph Bingham, Ivan and Paul Tait on their bikes along the way. Whilst it would have been tempting to ask for a ‘backer’, given the furore after last year’s bus ride, we all thought it best not to. Well done everyone!

Salomon Kielder 10k

The Kielder 10k race took place on October 6th and four Tynedale Harriers put in some storming performances with all of them finishing between the 40th and 41st minute of the race!

Ivan Newton took 10th place and 1st V40 in a time of 40:14 for the difficult course closely followed by Paul Hutchinson in 40:15 who took 11th place. Next up was Joanne Lee in 16th place and 2nd lady with a time of 40:51. Hot on her heels was Paul Pickett in 40:56 and 2nd V40. Well done all!


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