Juniors in County Sportshall Team

TYNEDALE ATHLETES are amongst those included in the NORTHUMBERLAND team at the North East Sports hall Athletics Finals at the Seaburn Centre- Sunderland coming up on 18th Feb 2012.

Tynedale Contact is Ian Cowell  ian@born4running.co.uk


U13 BOYS :-                                                                                        U13 GIRLS:-

1.       Alexander Tait (Alnwick HAC)                                     1.  Naomi Arkle (Morpeth HAC)

2.       Josh Turnbull (Alnwick HAC)                                        2.  Katie Young (Morpeth HAC)

3.       Sam Williams (Morpeth HAC)                                     3.  Chloe Williams (Tynedale HAC)

4.       Patrick Smith (Morpeth HAC)                                     4.  Tegan Dryden (Morpeth HAC)

5.       Euan Jones (Morpeth HAC)                                         5.  Laura Griffin (Tynedale HAC)

6.       Joseph Dowd (Morpeth HAC)                                    6.  Katie Bowes  (Tyndale HAC)

7.       Connor Stith (Tynedale HAC)                                      7.  Lara Wake (Tynedale HAC)

8.       Joe Hughes (Tynedale HAC)                                        8.  Ellie Franks (Tynedale HAC)

9.       Jack Peter (Tynedale HAC)                                           9.  Erin Scott (Blyth RC)

10.   Seth Kipax Jones (Tynedale HAC)                             10 Alice Dungworth (Blyth RC)

11.   Daniel Tait (Blyth RC)                                                      11 Lauren Robson (Blyth RC)

12.   Kai Burke (Blyth RC)                                                        12 Alice Gittens (Blyth RC)


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