Great British Relay

Hi all at Tynedale Harriers,

We are organising the Great British Relay for a second year and hoped that Tynedale Harriers could let its runners know what we are all about.

The Great British Relay is a non-profit making event. (Featured in Runners World Best Things About Running Jan 2015) The Great British Relay is the world’s longest continuous running event and we hope that to be ratified by Guinness this year. From next year on the event is going to be free to enter with first refusal going to those who enter this time.

The great news is the fee* is per stage and not per runner and we really encourage teams as opposed to solitary runners.  All we ask is that the stage can be completed at an average pace of 10 minutes per mile (this doesn’t exclude slower runners but it will limit their distance within a stage so a faster runner can make up the difference). It starts on July 6th and continues for 32 days, 24 hours a day throughout England, Scotland and Wales. It’s already over half full and you can see what stages are available here. Only seven left in the North East. We really hope you can be part of this amazing World Record Challenge All the best and good running

Paul Shack

*Covers only the cost of running the event.


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