Grand Prix

The club Grand Prix is back!  Following a hiatus of a few years the Senior’s Grand Prix is back with a new scoring structure.  The Grand Prix is designed to find the best runner, whilst encouraging participation and promoting our club.  Oh, and of course having fun!

The scoring system uses the principal of WAVA percentages.  In simple terms, if you run at half the speed that would get you a world record for that distance for your age and sex, then you get a score of 50%.  For example the male world record for the marathon is just over 2 hours, so if you ran a marathon in just over 4 hours you get a score of 50%.  Where things get cunning is that there are tables available for all major distances and ages.  The equivalent to a world record for 60 year old male is a 2:30:15 marathon, so that same 4 hour marathon gets a score of 63%, compared to the 51% for a 24 year old. A 60 year old women gets 73% for a 4 hour marathon.

Other basic rules are as follows:

  1. Races are split into 3 categories; Fell/Trail, <=10k, >10k.
  2. The final score and ranking is the mean of your best 5 scores featuring at least 1 from each category.
  3. Where no world record is available, the course record will be used in lieu. Where no course record is available (or the course has changed) then the winners time will be used.
  4. The judges decision is final.

The 2018 races are as follows:

Up to 10k. The best WAVA scores from the following 6 races will count:

  • Prudhoe Parkrun, best time over the year.
  • Clive Cookson 10k
  • Newburn River Run
  • Blaydon Race
  • Morpeth 10k
  • Hexham 10k

Endurance. The best WAVA score from the following 7 races will count

  • Druridge Bay Half Marathon
  • Hexham Half Marathon (1 of them)
  • Hadrian’s Wall Half Marathon
  • Coastal Run
  • Great North Run
  • Brampton to Carlisle 10 Mile
  • Any Certified Marathon, trail is OK but no allowance for terrain

Trail/Fell. The best WAVA score from the following 5 races will count:

  • Alnwick NEHL cross country
  • George Ogle Memorial Race
  • Anne Allan Memorial Race
  • Thropton Show Fell Race
  • Hexhamshire Hobble

Plus 2 extra scores from any of the above

Full rules are available to download, and there is also an introduction to the championships.