Track & Field

For all fixtures other than Hexham the club will provide free coach transport for athletes & their parents.  Check with notice board or website for bus times & pick up points. Competition numbers will be handed out at venue.

The club needs to provide helpers for each fixture. Failure to do so can result in the team losing valuable points – and the juniors’ efforts could go to waste. If parents wish to help on the day with time keeping, you will need a stop watch. If you would like to help as a field judge or track judge, please ask a Tynedale coach or speak to an official on the day.  For the latter two positions advice will be given on the day if required.

For each event we are required to provide the following officials:

  • 4-Field Judges (no qualification required)
  • 1-Track Judge.
  • 1-Time Keeper.

For the Wetnworth event we host we need additional personnel e.g.:

  • 1-Announcer (the chance to kick start that radio journalism career?)
  • 1-Results Recorder

Please look at the events above & let Doug Maxwell know if you are able to officiate or help with any of the duties. If there is someone else that you think may be interested in helping out please let him know & he’ll try to contact them. Doug is at the track Tuesday and Thursdays from 6pm.

Please remember:

  • Athletes traveling with parents to venue please inform your coach that you will be taking part at the event.
  • If athletes have traveled to the venue on the bus, but decide to return home in their parents car, please inform your coach or the team manager.
  • Don’t forget to bring your Club vest, spikes, safety pins, drinks & something to eat along with warm/waterproof clothing.

Power of 10

Just for your information Power of 10 is a brilliant website for keeping track of your PB’s and progress over the years as you continue to improve.

It is a national database of most track and field events that take place across the UK (and further afield). Your times/distances are compared to every other athlete of your age category and you are ranked accordingly.

You never know you may already be on Power of 10 and didn’t even know!!

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