Junior Coaching

Junior Coaching from 11 yrs upwards takes place 6pm to 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have several coach led groups covering Cross Country, Sprinting, Hurdling, Middle Distance running, Throwing and Jumping.

Please note that due to a large increase in membership, we currently have a waiting list for Juniors wishing to join. If you would like to join Harriers please contact the Junior Secretary, Katy Colmer, via the contact page for more information.

The Coaching Team Coaches:

  • Colin Burns – Jumps & Throws
  • Doug Maxwell – Sprints
  • Peter Venus – Endurance
  • Richard Hunter – Multi Events/Pole Vault and Hurdles
  • Katy Colmer – Juniors

Assistant Coaches:

Gillian Bell, Matthew Burns, Jan Oliver, Karen Robertson, Lynn Stewart (& Welfare Officer)

Parent helpers:

More help always more than welcome!


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